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I want an A1000

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Hello Darran, really nice of you trying to get closer to the Amiga community. I read RG and enjoy it quite a lot, even the non-Amiga articles. There's just the right amount of retro-feeling and nostalgia.

I'd love to see a full-blown article on the Amiga's custom chips and the revolution they brought. I'd like for you to convey why so many programmers enjoyed working on the Amiga and still remember those days fondly. On gaming, more underdog stories on great games/companies/individuals that are not so well-known.

I know you are named Retro Gamer, but perhaps it's time to start considering the serious side of the Amiga. It might alienate some non-Amiga readers, but I'm sure it'll intrigue others. It's one facet of the machine that separates it from all others in your mag, after all. And we were still Gamers while word processing, composing music, discovering Workbench, making videos, painting and so much more.
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