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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
So, which AGA core is the most compatible out there? (Im guessing none of them is "perfect" yet).
I believe the AGA core of the FPGA Arcade and Mist are both based on the MiniMig AGA HDL source code. The code is GPL or similar open source which requires release to others but the FPGA Arcade may not need to release until it is selling production units (grey area). I have heard there has been some cooperation between these guys but I don't know if the Mist AGA is missing some of the updates in the FPGA Arcade version of AGA. There is some variation in emulation even when the code is the same due to hardware, timing and CPU differences. I expect the FPGA Arcade AGA implementation is the most mature as it has been in testing for the longest. The Natami SAGA is probably the most technically advanced (including some RTG and chunky support) but has had little in the way of testing. I have heard rumours of cooperation between Thomas Hirsch and Gunnar of the Apollo/Phoenix project so some variation of SAGA could reappear hear as well as with a revived Natami project. The non-open source licence for SAGA may be preferable for a commercial project.
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