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Best AGA implementation on FPGA?

Ok, so I've been following the FPGA Replay project for a while, and it looks fairly promising, although the AGA core still needs some love.
Ive seen other people play AGA games on the MIST and even the core thats in the Chameleon? (MIST / Minimig?)

Now.. To me it seems somewhat... pointless... to re-invent the wheel several times. Why isn't there just one project thats perfecting the AGA core (after all, its reverse engineering and the goal is clear and the same for everyone: to behave exactly like the original).
Then others could focus on more interesting projects such as the "Super AGA" as once described by the Natami team.

So, which AGA core is the most compatible out there? (Im guessing none of them is "perfect" yet).
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