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And then... It did crash on your machine, too?

When I didnt use Redit to edit my files, there isnt no problem "at all" with SCSI emulation, except that, the AmigaOS filesystem began to slowdown the whole emulation, no matter what I do, with the WinUAE CPU meter going above 100%.

While with the builtin WinUAE IDE controller, the CPU doesnt pass above 60% in "normal conditions". But even with IDE, this increase in overhead when there is a program reading/writting to disk is significant if you see that the default is 37%. (this is only a "curiosity" -- I dont know if there is anything you can do about it...)

The CPU hog get worse when BlizKick loaded the ROM into FastRAM, even when I kick the original contents of the 3.9 BB2 ROM Update.

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