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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
The ROM image is 32KB. The first half (probably) contains an IDE/ATA driver, the second half SCSI. So GVP were able to just stock/ship a single EPROM applicable to both SCSI and IDE products.
Done. (But what IDE product? I don't think there was any GVP IDE when Series 2 SCSI was introduced)

I ran WinUAE with -log -seriallog (in Windows Vista) and there's no serial output in the log window which opens
Oops, it was -serlog..

Enable resizeable GUI then enlarge the settings window. Click fullscreen GUI, then click it again to disable. The resizeable GUI checkbox is no longer ticked and the GUI is at its default size. You can however click Cancel, and on opening the settings window again, the window size is what you previously set it to, albeit with resizeable GUI still unticked.
Currently it is by design.
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