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There is more damage than just the checksum. You say there should be multiple partitions, but there is only one partition block left. And its checksum is invalid, too. And even worse, it does not contain valid data.

Block   0 Type = RDSK
   Checksum        : ** invalid **
   Name            : Seagate Technology 1275M1.35
   Bad Block List  : 4294967295
   Partition List  : 1
   File Sys Header : 4294967295
   Drive Init      : 4294967295
Block   1 Type = PART
   Checksum        : ** invalid **
   Name            : 
   Dos Type        : 001E0000
   Next            : 2147504193
Do you have another backup of this file? You should try to restore that.

One could try to recover the partitions by reading the entire file, but if the beginning of the file has been damaged so much, it is likely that the rest of the file is corrupted, too.
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