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Gamesack - reviews of Amiga games?

Does anyone here watch Gamesack? Would anyone be willing to help those guys review some Amiga games?

Gamesack is a YouTube series where two guys do reviews of and features on classic games. They are mostly focused on systems that were popular in the US, such as Sega/Nintendo and NEC hardware. Mostly 8/16 bit era. They shows are really entertaining, well worth a watch.

I'm a long time Amiga user but don't have any hardware any more. I'd love to see Gamesack review some Amiga games, but it would need someone to lend them some Amiga hardware. Would anyone, ideally in the US, be interested?

I'd suggest the following games for review:

An RPG, maybe Eye of the Beholder or Abandoned Places
Monkey Island 1/2
Robocop (lol)
Microprose F1 GP
War in Middle Earth
Lotus 2 (or some other racing game)
First Samurai
Elite II Frontier
Midwinter II or maybe Hunter
Carrier Command?
Hired Guns

I'm sure people can think of many more. A selection of joysticks would be a good idea as well.

Any interest? I'm happy to help in any way I can.
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