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Make sure you IndiECS is updated to IndivisionCore 1.1.
I then installed MMULIB, and then Picasso96. When I install Picasso96 I chose a random card. Remember what card you selected. In my case it was the Domino card.

Delete the file from Devs:monitors in my case domino and

I would restart the amiga here.

Download PIC96IEC_0.2.lha and indi.card.02w.lha extract these to a temp folder then copy the folders/files over to the corresponding folders/files. i.e. devs to sys:devs

In the temp folder there should be a file called picasso96settings open up picasso96mode under prefs.

Right click, open project and import the picasso96settings and this will give you the correct settings. I always go right click on the new settings and select attach to indi.

I would restart and then go back into picasso96settings to test.
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