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Originally posted by Lockrobster
Arguably EM is pure cult but why these people try to cut a profit from it is beyond me. I mean if they really did wish well for the game their collection ought to be TOSECized and free for everybody.
Totally agreed on all counts. We have been on the lookout for someone with a copy of the CD so we can rip the remaining games not in the EM TOSEC dat, but I've yet to find someone who has it (not surprising). And even if someone did, they'd more than likely not share the games after plunking down such an absurd price. There's also some other rare, coveted Amiga CD's out there (iso's, yet) that a select few are hordeing for God knows what reason (probably that L33T nonsense). I guess some things never change. One day it will all be 'obtained' and they will feel foolish, I suppose. Hopefully...
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