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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I hate to bring up something in this thread that might actually be worth discussing, but how does the security in OS4 and MorphOS compare to that of the classic AmigaOS? Has there been many improvements made in that area?
I have heard hearsay that AmigaOS 4.x now MMU write protects code sections of Amiga executables. Compilers in general don't write to code sections including on the Amiga. There probably are some exceptions especially on the 68k where assembler is used more. There are hunk section flags available which could be used to provide hints to make hunks write only. This is basically what Minuous suggested and it's a good idea not just for security but also for increased stability. Some compilers generate many small sections rather than combining like sections. Without combining, MMU pages would not be used efficiently and more memory would be wasted. At least 68k systems would need more memory before very many users would consider using write protected hunks. Write protecting a kickstart which contains a working AmigaOS and common user modules is more efficient in many ways and provides increased security and stability.
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