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I'm perfectly fine with 3.1. Sometimes a neat handler or utility will be more useful to me than would an OS3.2 for 68k or similar. Just adds more usefulness, while OS upgrades focus on other things, like emulating much later OSes with things you absolutely don't need. An OS just needs to do one thing, really. Navigate to a folder and allow me to double-click an icon to open a program.

I think it's wrong to insert hardware that doesn't use or belong to the original hardware design to run an almost modern OS remake slowly. I think it makes more sense to leave the platform entirely and run it on really fast hardware, and have as goal to make a really good OS the way you want it.

Part of the problem is Workbench was already (for the usability part in my first paragraph) like the modern windowed OSes. So you could say it was already fine. It would be nice to "surf the web", but if it doesn't "do Youtube and Facebook" you're already looking at hardware requirements that needs GHz and GB of RAM or it'll crawl. It's about expectations.

A really tight unified socket library for 3.1 is different now, that would be useful for FTP, IRC, etc.
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