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@ Mark Wright - hey there, I just wanted to say I didnt reply to you directly as I have no issue with your views, but I felt your concerns should be put to the devs. I dont ever forward anything to the devs, as they are so busy right now even emails take ages to come back, but I forwarded your post to them. I think it is fair the devs get to know all the story from all sides and I welcome extreme views as ways forward. I also wanted to apologise for two reasons, firstly, I should have made it clear from the start that I was posting backers newsletters on here. The newsletters talk to pledgers directly, so of course they will be chirpy and bouncy and positive. Secondly, I want to apologise for being so eager to post them. I get carried away like a tornado sometimes, and I can see I was hammering the point rather too often with my enthusiasm for this. Its a fault perhaps that I just dont know when to stop. I always try to see the positive in everything though.

@ codetapper/higgy - I couldnt agree more. After the B2B project I said they should have everything online very much like the, and I suggested I could set this up and run it if needs be, but so far they are being carried away in other directions. I hope in the long run, these perfect insights into history will all be available to everyone (perhaps for a token fee .50p to cover hosting costs?), so this will stand for all time. I think an Amiga Shrine is well overdue and this footage could be the heart of it. Perhaps the devs will put out some material (uncut, no editing) once all this is over, but at the moment they may still need bits for The Amiga Years. Personally I love long uncut interviews.

@ ALL - Congratulations, we made it to 85k. With still over a day to go, if we wake up to find the total is 95k tomorrow, there is a great chance we'll hit the 100 and get an hours bonus disc, and then who knows. I am happy they made the 80K, everything else is a bonus as far as I'm concerned; although it does look like Subs will be reached at least, and thats great for everyone.
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