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Toni Wilen
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Beta 14:

- Show selected accelerator board and HD controller name(s) in log lines.
- GVP Series I and II HD controllers can now be active at the same time.
- Added SCSI controller ID selection (only AdSCSI and A4091 supported so far)
- Mark HD controllers with * if it is enabled, becomes [x] if more than 1 controller is active.
- Fixed referencing to already freed SCSI/IDE HD controller context structure after reset/restart (b12)
- Added SupraDrive AMAB3, AMAB4 and AMAB5 ROMs.
- NCR539x based SCSI controllers always accessed unit 0.
- Added emulation of edge case when SPRxPOS or SPRxCTL vertical position is updated at the last available dma slot at the end of scanline. Next line's vertical comparison will match just before this position, in other words, if old value would match in next line and new value does not anymore, comparison match still happens. Fixes Arc Ed / United Forces missing sprite scroller.
- Added half-integer scaling option. (*0.5, *1.0, *1.5 and so on)
- New Velvet prototype difference found: both CIAs generate level 2 interrupt. Now Velvet tries to boot from disk, reads and executes boot block code if disk has correct bootblock which is different than release AmigaOS bootblock. MFM level format seems to be identical. Unfortunately, at least so far, no original Velvet floppy disks have been found and for some reason real hardware refuses to read any disks.
- If -seriallog is enabled, console log window also listens for key codes and sends them to emulated serial port. Very basic console emulator, enables quick use of Velvet ROM built-in serial debugger.
- Added "Any floppy drive" option to keyboard led configuration.
- Floppy sound volume control is not global anymore. Empty and disk in drive states also have separate volume settings. (Upper volume slider = drive empty, lower slider = disk in drive)
- Added fullscreen GUI option to misc panel. Opens GUI in max size, possibly useful with low resolution devices and/or small Windows tablets.
- Z3 autoconfig in "UAE" mode didn't work correctly with hardware RTG boards (b4)
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