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5) The last backbone update was in the late 90s , would you consider returning to it for updates.

I have occasionally considered returning to making 'game-maker' software over the years. I've learnt a lot since then, so I would never re-use anything from Backbone, but instead write a much superior version from scratch.
However, I don't program for the Amiga any more, and the PC has several high quality game making packages already such as Unreal and Unity, so unless I did something quite different, it would not be worth it.
I think he underestimates how different backbone is from Unity and the likes. There are so many people out there who are good at level editing but are not good at programming. Even in the simpler game-maker programs that I came across you still need to setup every little thing like movement, collision, health, behaviour, etc. which takes a long time (if you succeed) before you can actually start with level editing. If Alastair would make a Backbone for PC with more options and no bugs it will be gold. Unless a program like that already exists ofcourse.

Also it's very cool to hear he's been working in the game industry for so long. Something I can only be jealous of. To me that's the life of a rockstar! If I'm correct he worked on games like Test Drive and Need for Speed (link). I wonder which other games he worked on. Would be cool to see in part 2 of the interview.
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