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@Codetapper - this is true. I mean who here has watched all the grainy/fuzzy footage of AMIGA content on YouTube and thought about the quality. For us content and any mention of AMIGA is key.
However... I can see that B2B do have a good style and they want to release a commercial looking product.
There are plenty of people who like AMIGA but don't go onto any forums or even have rebought one, so those types would want a decent looking and well made product.
They said that content after 2.5 hrs would be just Special Edition type video nuggets not footage added into the main film, so getting a 2.5 hr film we have all done well.
Also i guess B2B in the future would like to grow or get contracts off the TV Networks to produce (all sorts of) TV content. So they are out to make a good impression and maybe releasing raw footage would not help?
I pledged more than the £10, but £10 for a 2.5hr AMIGA doc is great value. And I thank B2B for doing this.
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