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Read this post by Thomas

: A box appears with the following title "Execute a file"
: the next line shows "Enter Command Arguments" and then
: "Comand" with a space showing the game I'm trying to load, in my case "dynablaster.adf" with an OK or Cancel button below that.

You cannot run ADFs from the Amiga Desktop. ADFs represent Amiga floppy disks. You must insert the virtual floppy into a virutal floppy drive. Press F12, go to the Floppies page and insert your ADF into drive DF0. Then return to the Amiga Desktop. A floppy icon should appear. If it shows as NDOS or does not contain any icons, reset the Amiga (press Ctrl-Win-Win). The Amiga should then boot off the floppy disk and start the game automatically.
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