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I can't help but thinking that both BTB and this Amiga years documentary have suffered from old school thinking and not listening to what the punters want. Let me explain.

Let's say they filmed 50 hours worth of interviews for B2B. Arguments such as "if we wanted to put in all the good stuff, it'd be 10 hours long" were made. And I bet if you asked anyone who funded it "do you want to see more, even if it's raw footage" I bet the answer would be "hell yes".

They must be sitting on a tonne of great footage that people are no doubt dying to see. Can you imagine any Rob Hubbard fan that wouldn't want to see the entire raw 1-2 hour interview with him? Or Martin Galway? Geoff Crammond?

And on the Amiga side, who wouldn't want to see the entire interview with legends like Shaun Southern, Chris Huelsbeck, David Whitaker, Ocean France, the Reflections guys, Digital Illusions, Team 17 guys. Hell, I'd even love to see an interview with Tiertex as long as they were put under the pump for at least some of it!

This old Hollywood style "a movie should be about 2 hours long" thinking is obsolete. We live in a digital world now. If one of the funding levels was a "raw footage of interviews with various people" included (and it wouldn't have to be cleaned up or anything added, no stock footage required) then I am sure a lot of others would be interested in it.

But sadly it appears that all the interview footage taken will just sit on the cutting room floor. You only have to look at how many people have watched the [ Show youtube player ] presentation (over 100,000 views) to see there's a lot of interest.

Just imagine an alternate Kickstarter campaign like so without all the postcards, stickers and other crap. Digital only bidders could double their bid to 20 pounds to get say 5-10 raw interviews, costing only bandwidth.

50k = 1.5 hour movie
53k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Chris Huelsbeck
56k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Shaun Southern
60k = 2 hour movie
63k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Reflections
66k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Tiertex
70k = 2.5 hour movie
73k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Factor 5
76k = Includes download of full 1 hour+ interview with Richard Aplin
80k = 3 hour movie

You get the point. The bonus levels would cost practically nothing, compared with costs for making and sending postcards, beermats etc. Physical medium users could get a 2nd or 3rd Bluray/DVD of all the interviews. People would be getting value for money! I would invest in a heartbeat!
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