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I spend a good deal time on a forum dedicated to computer security. This is the first time I've seen some of this stuff discussed regarding the Amiga. Quite a discsussion since I last look a look at this thread. While Amiga OS is quite vulnerable in a lot of ways, the security by obscurity is a real detterent. It isn't likely that there would be any real threats against it. Exploiting an Amiga would require some real programming skills and knowledge of the inside of of Amiga OS. While not impossible, there would be no money it it and very little motivation. Would there be any data inside the typical Amiga user's machine worth stealing? The only thing of value is likely to be the Amiga itself and the best security for that is going to be a burglar alarm and an insurance policy. That presumes a burglar who knew what Amigas are worth. Once again security by obscurity kicks in. While those of us in the Amiga scene know this, those outside aren't nearly as likely to know that that box sitting over there is an A4000 and not a PC that has almost no resale value.

The other thing that the Amiga has going for it is simplicity and small data footprint. In the unlikely event that something happens and the system is corrupted, restoring it is quite simple. On the PC side, I use specialized imaging software to do this. With an Amiga, I just copy the OS and Work partitions to another drive with a CLI command.

"Copy Work: To Jaz1:Backup/Work ALL" is all that is necessary to completly back up a work partition to a Jaz drive. To restore it just reverse source and destination. You can also use Winuae to completely image an Amiga's disk and then you can boot the image in Winuae to do the restore. Aren't Amigas wonderful.
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