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Opens popcorn...

On a lighter note: @Mark Wright I think this (and Viva La AMIGA) are going to be the best we are going to get. The audience is pretty small, out of the the whole Retro Gaming section, AMIGA owners/lovers are going to be a smaller proportion.

We don't have time on our side, we have already lost Jay Miner. I can't really see another resurgence in Retro Gaming that will feature the AMIGA. Next time it happens it's going to be all about the '3D revolution' PS & Saturn etc.

I know what you mean about the hard sell. I know what I am paying and am sticking by my guns. But I think it is sort of necessary, small market and needing the money to actually make the thing etc. I initally thought they already had the footage, but they have said that it is background footage they have rather than all the interviews etc.

I've been recently organising little retro gaming events. And with a few notices placed up I was expecting the place to be packed out. But it was not. Just because I lap up retro stuff there are lots of others that need tempting/forcing so I can see a bit better now why they are doing what they are doing.

As I said don't worry, it will be entertaining and for £10 in order to own the film, I am sure very few will think they have been hard done by.

Fingers and toes crossed that more documentaries will appear in my lifetime!

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