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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
A bit harsh I think.
Point taken. I was in a particularly grumpy mood when I posted my comments above, but I stand by the thrust of what I was saying.

I'm prepared to accept that it's just me who finds all of this juvenile hard-sell "COME ON GUYS!!! WOOP!!" marketeering to be an insult to one's intelligence. I'm too long in the tooth to be whipped up into a frenzy by - what I see as - the most base of transparently cynical money-grabbing tactics. But hey, the cash is coming in, so I'm clearly in a minority. Good luck to the makers and those who have pledged alike.

Call me old-fashioned, but I respond much more positively when talked TO than when talked AT. And to me, this serves as the perfect case in point. Us wise old birds of EAB will make up a sizeable portion of the potential target audience for this film, but will our vast collective resource of knowledge be tapped in order to assist in its making? Or will it be just another overpriced cash-in aimed at hopeless nostalgics: "ANOTHER £2000 FOR FREE KEYRING!!"

Tch. I've gone grumpy again. Sorry about that. I suppose I just react badly to blatant hype and over-promotion. I'd love for this to be the definitive account of "The Amiga Years" that we've all been waiting for - a joyous film that would make us so proud that we'd have goosebumps and a constant fuzzy feeling inside as we watched. That's the one I'm waiting for. I'd happily pay over the odds towards its making and contribute my time for free. Wouldn't we all?
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