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>however i don't agree that most OS3 users have an MMU, a stock A1200 doesn't have one.

A stock A1200 can't run any modern version of AmigaOS (eg. OS3.9) anyway. And memory protection would be disabled for non-MMU systems, that doesn't mean MMU-equipped systems should be held back. That's a bit like not supporting AGA because some systems only have OCS.

>I'm very interested in the possibilities for security without one, though.

Not really feasible to have security without one. Only way would be to run all programs via a CPU emulator, which would intercept memory accesses and do MMU-esque handling of such accesses. That would work in theory but performance would be awful.

>but there are serious security holes in the Exec library itself.

Yes, some combination of API argument checking and/or fixes to eg. buffer overflow vulnerabilities that some OS functions have would be required before the system could be considered fully secure.
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