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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
I really do hope that the new ACA 500 has more than 2 MB on it. It would be an extreme shame if it doesn't.
Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
So Jens, if you are moving entirely into the 3.3v realm, why on earth don't you just drop one of these on the aca500 plus giving it 8mb ram in the space of a single chip?
Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Ah yes, the tried and true tactic of ignoring your customers because surely you know what they want better than they do.
It's all about making as much money as possible, never about meeting customer demand.

By putting an insufficient amount of RAM on the main board, you can then put the adequate amount of RAM on a tiny board, and call it an "expansion" and effectively force the majority of customers to pay an extra €30 for €5 worth of components. The same idea applies to the real-time clock that you have to buy as an extra for many of the Individual Computer boards.

With the ACA1220 it's the same but different, where the market demand was for an 8M RAM expansion for A1200, but were instead offered a board with a 16 MHz CPU and a whopping 128M RAM, of which 120M will never be utilized by most users. Individual Computers know that people will pay up in the end, because there are really no alternatives on the market.
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