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Originally Posted by Zerotech View Post
Ok I have switched the cables to colour composite AV and it seems the sound issue screechings are eliminated, as for the floppy I guess that doesn't hurt to tear it apart and see if I can attempt to fix it up.

The rf shield is on so that I can get rf signal video without it you cant get anything in the video.

I'm not concerned about the sound at this point, however I am getting the audio cable soon so don't worry about it right now, what I am more interested is to power on and see if the unit works.
If your TV has an RGB SCART input an Amiga to RGB SCART lead will give the best picture quality and can include stereo audio. When you super glued the floppy did you get any glue around the eject button as that could prevent you inserting a disk if the eject button isn't free to move out.
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