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Screenshots are off by one frame

I have been making a lot of screenshots with WinUAE 3.0.0 and I noticed that the generated screenshots don't actually correspond to what is shown on the screen: they are one frame earlier or later, at least as far as the palette is concerned.

(This causes problems with eg. Druid 2 game when using "Deathland" powerup, which changes the palette every few frames. It is impossible to tell from looking at the WinUAE screen which palette has been saved in the screenshot, necessitating taking a whole series of screenshots in rapid succession and then loading them into a paint program to check whether any of them have the desired palette.)

My apologies if this bug has already been reported: I did a search and noticed that "RTG mode screenshots in 16-bit host color depth mode had wrong colors" has been fixed, but this appears to be a different bug (as the game uses OCS not RTG).
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