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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Superuser, well its just what you want to call it.

Various non-UNIX's refer to it as SYSTEM, MNGR, Supervisor, Operator, 0.0, etc
And? Have you tried reading anything I've written in this thread?

Amusingly enough, they all implement very similar multiuser security paradigms.
Very amusing. Not.

Does the fact that many systems use the multiuser system for security make that the only model available as was the original claim*? No. Nor does it make it a bad model - I surely haven't claimed it is.

(* "Multiuser does not mean multiple people using one computer, it means multiple layers of security, where different "users" (owners of processes) have different access to resources such as memory, storage and everything. Without this in place, a system should not really be exposed to Internet.")
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