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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
Myself, i would like to see an easy tool to display 32 colours pictures or 64 colours pics and playing sound in the same time.
something like play img0001 to img1500 sound.8svx (or music.mod).
With that it should be easier to copy megacd intros or else and use them for making cd32 intros. cdxl is ham and ham is too heavy for making fullscreen videos. Perhaps i'm wrong and it eist already, then if someone could make an easy tutorial ?
Thank you for the question fairlight.
Good idea. Maybe if the player contained in could be rewritten to have a minimal Workbench GUI, and if the converter could be ported to AmigaOS...

Someone could then write a ffmpeg GUI in ARexx to convert, scale and demux MPG and MP4 videos to AVI. Then anyone could convert videos using entirely an Amiga.
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