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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Added rare SupraDrive 2000 DMA emulation. Boot ROM are not available, some supra install disks have on-disk loadable driver which has bug in 2000 DMA model specific code that causes it to hang (uses wrong address register, overwrites one inportant byte in interrupt handler code..) Perfect.
Just a note for anyone testing Supra emulation with the Series II Supra software (supradirect.device)...

That bug applies to all Supra controllers, not just the 2000 DMA. It causes the interrupt handler code to be corrupted for A2000 WordSync, 500/XP ByteSync and 2000 DMA controllers. For the SupraDrive 4x4 and 500 it corrupts random memory, the address depending on whatever value FindConfigDev() left in A0.

Edit to add: After analysing the bug some more, it turns out that by pure luck (and the fact that FindConfigDev() returns with a pointer to the ConfigDev in A0, at least in both Kickstart 1.3 and 3.1), the bug is only fatal for the 2000 DMA.

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