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I've been having some problems with Supra controller emulation. I'm using the "Series II" Supra software with AMAB4 boot ROM.

Using supraboot.dms from but with fixed/patched supradirect.device, and SupraTools as recently uploaded by clh333 (STII.DMS). [That SupraTools disk is a slightly earlier version than the supraboot disk.]

I can partition the disk and install the DriveInit code to the RDB area by runing SupraTools:SupraAutoInstall. At that point the HD is partitioned and will (try to) auto-boot, but the partitions are not yet formatted.

On resetting and booting SupraBoot, it automatically mounts the (not yet formatted) partitions. It prompts for whether to copy Workbench files. Say n. Workbench loads. Open a CLI and type
Format shows an error message:
Format failed: Error during format.

Running WinUAE with -log -scsiemulog, I noticed this in the log output:
raw_scsi_put_data but bus phase is 3!

If I do a non-quick format, the Formatting/Verifying text appears, and right at the end (presumably corresponding to whatever sectors Format QUICK wrote) there is the same Error during format message.

Configs for 500/XP and A2000 DMA controllers and HDF (partitioned and DriveInit code installed) attached.
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