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me too, well said.

i was trying to work out how exactly the CPU accesses the IDE interface, i downloaded the open source scsi.device but i can't extract the lzx file on my PC.

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Well, you can also use a MUFS capable filesystem and enjoy more levels of "protection", but it is kinda moot as long as all memory is wide open for any software.
It is not entirely moot, there is a lot of interest now in how to do security on embedded systems, since there are now low-power CPUs in everything.

Also "all memory" might not actually be wide open for any software, given certain caveats... it would certainly be possible, i have discovered today, to design an accelerator card that distinguished between supervisor and user accesses to Fast RAM, as well as between data and instruction fetches. So it is certainly possible to get some very basic memory protection even with a 68020-based accelerator (or even just a RAM expansion, come to that), given an appropriately-modified ROM.

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