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At the risk of stiring contention, I hope you guys dont mind if I post the last few backer updates on here. They are only for backers usually, so please take this into consideration.


Hi all,

A few backers have written to us with a very good idea which should be both a lot of fun and a very useful way to help reach our stretch goals.

For our last film we showed a very early ‘rough cut’ of the film at a cinema and many backers came along joined by several cast members from the film. Then afterwards we had a Q&A session on stage where the audience could discuss the film.

Creatively we found this not only highly enjoyable but also very useful to the film itself as some very useful points were made, some of which helped us in our final editing sessions before the film was finished. There was also a bar and afterwards many stayed behind to have a drink (or two) with ourselves and cast members, still talking about the film.

Therefore after several of you have written suggesting this again we have decided to this time offer the opportunity to all of you now. We will hold an early preview screening of ‘The Amiga Years! At a cinema in London. It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to see an early cut of the film before it’s completion in the company of the Directors and some of the film cast and then take part in a Q&A session and join us for a drink afterwards at the bar. Anyone present will also receive an exclusive 'one off' VIP press pack commemorating the event!

If you would like to be part of the film making process itself simply increase your pledge by £95. We have decided to not limit this for the time being as we want to see what the interest is like as obviously we can hire a bigger cinema if needed. You may buy more than one ticket, obviously slide your pledge up per number of tickets you may want.

At time of writing we are just £7.5k away from hitting £80k. Hitting it means we would be giving you 2.5 hours of content, so out of 1,800 backers if just 75 of you decided to come along to this wonderful ‘Amiga' event in London, get a unique press pack and be the first to see an early cut of the film along with cast members and ourselves we would hit that goal!

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Ant & Nic
Yes, increase your pledge by £95 and it will appear on their radar as a backer confirming tickets. I just asked about this and its because rewards may be £25 (etc) plus the tickets at £95, so a backer given any reward must add £95. I hope that makes some sense.
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