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Well put Higgy.

I highlighted this concern in larger text in my post above, and I know this is a concern. I dont work for the devs, but I can tell you they are always very up-front and honest in my daily rants and pokes, and I know they are still genuine fans of the C64 and the Amiga from back in the day, so this is a fan project. Its an organised one, sure, by people who know how to make and release a movie, but I'd rather trust these guys to deliver than a bunch of youtubers. Look what happened with the AVGN Movie kickstarter. THAT WAS a waste of cash.

Of course everyone must have their opinion. If I am so passionate to love this, there must be others equally just as passionate to hate this to death. As far as bold text goes, I did much of this myself, so that people can skim read the important words and string together the meaning of a whole lot of text at a glance. The devs now use it and I have to hold it back sometimes when they go crazy, but I think you can see where my bold has been used to boil down their points to a line or sentence.

As said, I would rather my money is going towards an Amiga film than spend £30 on a night out or tickets to the cinema, and with 2 coming out soon, I dont think there will be any more funded movies like this ever.
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