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Okey, I´ll try to explain my problem better. First of all I use WinUAE 0.8.22 release 1. This problems occurs in most games that uses more than four disks.

This is what happens when I play ”Beneath a steel sky”:

I come to a room and the message ”Please insert disk 3” shows up. Then I press F12 and click on ”Floppies”. When I start the game I use all four diskdrives, so I have Disk 1 in DF0, Disk 2 in DF1, Disk 3 in DF2 and Disk 4 in DF3.

When I have clicked on ”Floppies” I click on the ”…” button for DF0 and replace Disk 1 with Disk 3.

After this I click on ”OK” and return to the game. But nothing happens. When I use the option ”Show LEDs” I see that the game is not loading, since none of the lights is flashing. The light for DFO flashes immediately when I have changed disk, but only for a second. After that, nothing happens.

I´m not sure anything is wrong with the disks. For instance, I have downloaded ”Kings Quest 6” from two different sites with the same result.
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