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Ok, first, as I told you, I don't thikn you needed to upgrade the Kickstart to read PC disk, but whatever, it won't harm it (keep in mind some games might not work with it from now on..)

Anyway, you are using the correct command, but the device entry seems not to be in devs:mountlist. You see, everytime you mount a device, the command mount goes and looks at the file devs:mountlist for a list of recognizable, mountable devices. PC0 might not be there, it might be somewhere else. Try the directory sys:devs:dosdrivers, or something ike that.

You might find, somewhere, a file named PC0:... wherever it is, write down its path, and type, for example:

mount pc0: from sys:devs/dosdrivers/pc0

In my example the PC0 mountlist entry was ocated at sys:devs/dosdrivers.

I never used 2.1 but I KNOW the PC0 mount entry is somewhere in your hard drive or workbench disks. Look for this DosDrivers directory and you have a winner.

Good luck
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