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I find this whole endeavour to be extremely unseemly. Shame on the Cauldfields who, to my mind, are a couple of marketing-scam chancers. They're now carried away, having previously and excitedly hit upon a means of extracting money from gullible enthusiasts, milking their supporters for all they're worth, intent on pushing their luck with us lot.

"From Bedrooms to Billions" is appalling. It's a directionless, needlessly low-budget (given the money raised) compilation of talking heads, free from any sort of narrative or obvious love for the subject matter. It's aggressively marketed; anyone fool enough to pay for it (like me) is treated to a constant barrage of emails asking for more money to watch premium-priced "exclusive extras". It wasn't cheap to see (or own) in the first place.

The Cauldfields are possibly the worst people to be making a film about the Amiga. They have no love for their subject matter. They merely want to exploit the likes of you and I.

This may have been acceptable ten years ago when such projects would have been viewed as a novelty, and we'd all have been grateful for anything. However, in 2015, surely we're all media savvy enough to translate the Cauldfield's hideous bold-type large-font marketing speak such as "COME ON EVERYONE JUST A FEW MORE BACKERS TO GO!!!! LOOK!! WE'LL GIVE YOU THIS STICKER!!!!!" "HAHAHAHAH!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE AUTISTIC FOOLS SOON PARTED WITH THEIR MONEY!!!!!"

I'll be giving it a wide berth. We could all do better ourselves if we put our minds to it, without lining the pockets of loveless profiteers.
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