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Having trouble loading source codes.

Hi folks, sorry I'm back again with another ASM-One question.

I decided to install everything on my laptop so I could do a bit of practicing on the go. I've got everything installed but I'm having a real problem loading up sources.

I must have done or set something wrong but when I save my code it seems to go ok but when I hit R and search for the file it doesn't appear in the load window but when I try to save it again it says the file is already there and do I want to overwrite it? I exited ASM-One and went to the drawer I set up to store sources in and they are definitely in there and I even set up the path to that drawer in the preferences and saved it.

I can't even load up the preferences file that I could before because that doesn't show up either

I'm just about ready to scream at this point and it's not the programs fault, I'm just so unfamiliar with how things work in an Amiga environment it's making the most basic things a rubik's cube of problems and I can't find a manual for this particular version of ASM-One either.

Sorry, I really hate asking all these questions and this one isn't really even Winuae related but at the moment this place is the only (and best) resource I have.

You can see from the screenshot below I've navigated to where my sources should be but they don't show up but they are certainly there so any help would be really appreciated.

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