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4th Stretch Goal Reached - Photo Gallery!

Hi all,

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached the 4th Stretch goal!!, allowing us to add a photo gallery to the DVD and Blu-ray version of 'The Amiga Years!'

We plan to document the film production itself so intend to take lots of photos during the filming so the very best of these will form a photo gallery to go onto the DVD and Blu-ray so thank you every one of you for your support in getting the project to yet another goal.

Developer Postcards

If you are not aware of these please look at the front of the campaign here Many of you are raising your pledges to take advantage of the developer postcards, thank you for that, a very common questions is can you have more than one? The short answer is of course yes! To get one set or more just raise your pledge £10 (unsigned) or £40 (signed) per set, we won't be doing them again so you have a few days left if you still would like to help us in our bid to reach those stretch goals.

Extra Content...

We have noticed a couple of messages on the boards wondering why we are putting 'items' such as badges or Oliver Frey postcards before extra footage. The short answer to this is we didn't. We actually budgeted out the extra content first as that is our priority.

As filmmakers we want to make as much content for you as possible, especially while we're actually working on the film itself. Once we knew how much it would cost to produce those extra minutes we then added items such as badges and postcards simply to go in-between to help us reach those extra content goals. To produce an extra 30-mins of properly made content, let alone an hour is a lot of work to do it properly. You can't just run interviews on for an extra 30 or 60 mins it has to be woven into the main narrative, structured and mixed in with everything else, sound mixing, grading, overlays, extra archive footage to be licensed in if needed to help reinforce those new narratives, all the elements you would expect in a properly made documentary film.

The fun perks are in-between those extra content goals simply because there were 'gaps' in-between and we wanted to make the steps more gradual. Those items such as badges, postcards, even the floppy beermats are items we thought about, items we would want, and they are there simply to help us raise funds to reach our main goals, which is always first and foremost the production of as much material as we can. However we decided that if we were making items such as the badge it would be unique and well made, not plastic but metal, something that would last and be remembered as part of this campaign!

And yes...even the floppy beermat!

Wherever we end up, we're going to do the best work we can for you all!

Please use these last few days to spread the word, 1,700 Amiga fans out there have pledged which is fantastic, hopefully there's still a few more Amiga fans out there.

Help us find them, spread the word and share the link;

Best wishes,

Ant & Nic

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