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I agree that it would really have to be an Amiga exclusive if you want to take the full advantage of nostalgia, but eventually people are gonna want a Windows version, and naturally you're going to have people who want to emulate.

Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Well as this at first sounds bit crazy maybe it's not cause GOG is doing it already.
I was thinking before I tried that GOG is at least patching old games to work on modern systems but they are just shamelessly using free emulators to make money.
Yeah, GoG uses DosBox for most of it's retro games. But they also have a team that puts a lot of work into making sure every DOS game they set up in it works absolutely flawlessly and at the right speed with the absolute minimum of user fuss. These games occasionally contain some GoG-made patches to make them work better(or "crack" them). I guess you could say it's kinda like selling WHDLoad slaves(with all the game files included) and packaging them neatly into their own installer and including all the digital gubbins that came with the original game.

I don't mind it to be honest. They're making it possible to legally and easily get and play old DOS games, and that I think deserves just a little bit of slack.

And for the record, DosBox is not a true emulator, It's more akin to Wine(is also not an emulator) if running on a native x86/x64 system. It only emulates on non-x86 based systems.
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