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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post
I'm using just Commodore's 68040@25 MHz, no accelerator. I have 16 Mb Fast Memory on motherboard slots and some Zorro2 Ram.
Does CD32 Emulator use 68040.library (or 68060.library) ?
Btw, If I remember right, Boing Bag 2 didn't update CacheCDFS at all. It did some update on scsi.device, which is ignored if using IDEfix.
@FOL, which version of IDEfix software you have installed?
And how do I know, which one is better for my system, scsi.device or atapi.device ..?! :-o
Okay, the CD32 has a 68020 CPU, and all games for it would be written with this in mind. Using an Amiga with an 030/040/060 to emulate a CD32 may introduce issues if their instruction sets are not 100% compatible with the instruction set of the 68020. This is certainly the case with the 040 and 060.

This is why the 68040.library and 68060.library exist (there are official and unofficial versions available) - to translate unsupported 68000/68020 instructions for the 040/060

Even with these libraries you may still get some graphical glitching (like I do with Super Stardust) as they are not going to solve 100% of issues etc.

As an aside, from what I remember when I was using my Blizzard 1230, it had much fewer - if any - issues with supported CD32 games, and I can't remember ever having to use a '68030.library'. I may be wrong about this, but I think the reason is that the 68030 is pretty much an 020 that can run at higher clock speeds.
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