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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post
I'm using just Commodore's 68040@25 MHz, no accelerator. I have 16 Mb Fast Memory on motherboard slots and some Zorro2 Ram.
Does CD32 Emulator use 68040.library (or 68060.library) ?
Btw, If I remember right, Boing Bag 2 didn't update CacheCDFS at all. It did some update on scsi.device, which is ignored if using IDEfix.
@FOL, which version of IDEfix software you have installed?
And how do I know, which one is better for my system, scsi.device or atapi.device ..?! :-o
Im using the last version, which is on aminet and it shouldn't matter, if your using either scsi or atapi. Atapi is just used to activate the second channel if your using IDEFix splitter.

As you have an 040 accelerator, you need to use the 040 library.
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