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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Testing Supra A500 drive emulation I noticed a small issue when SupraHDTools issues a MODE SENSE command for page 3 (format device page):
raw_scsi: got command 1a (6 bytes)
SCSIEMU HD 0: 1A.00.C3.00.FF. CMDLEN=6 DATA=06806648

The length field in the page data should be $16 not $18.

Edit: and should the tracks per zone field be 0000, not 0001?
And same length issue with page 4.
Lengths fixed. Not sure about field value, most of them are only used by ancient devices.. (new drivers don't care about those = obsolete stuff should match ancient device behavior)

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
It seems the culprit is Pete's FTP v1.2 program. Load to Workbench, F12, Restart, Start. Works fine.

Load to Workbench, start pFTP, connect to site, F12, Restart, Start, crash. Even if I quit pFTP properly it still crashes, but not as often.

Debugs show both with and without starting pFTP.
Does fix it?
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