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Hi guys, I noticed this thread still had the old info in the OP, so it is now all updated with all the latest Kickstarter info, PLUS the links.

Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive.

They are already leaping ahead this time in the campaign, and they have made over 7K already, with well over a month still to go.

The idea of this reboot kickstarter campaign is to have Frontier included, rather than just a stretch goal. Initially their idea was to set the Kickstarter total to 40k. But then they realised that if the project fell short they wouldnt get a penny. So they have 'reduced' their goal back to 33k so that the project will be funded if it falls short of the money they need to hit the big time.

But its all up to us to spread the word, or this will remain a dream.

I'll continue to bump this thread and if I get any more news I'll pass it on.
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