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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post
Ok now I got the audio tracks working, but there are graphics bugs in Speedball2 playing screen menu bar.
In Chaos Engine, there was some kind of graphics bugs (colourful pixel mosaic) in the main playing screen menu bar and/ or some characters (Navvie, Mercenary) too, before when I was experimenting with my old CD32 Emulator boot floppy disks (the one that came with the Idefix package). with both emulators, there was some kind of graphics pixel trash on the Instructions menu texture when I first selected Instructions in the main menu when just having loaded the game, but sometimes after I had played once to Game Over and returned to the titles and selected the Instructions, it worked sometimes fine. Could this be a cpu issue ? Did I understand right I need the 68040.library, too ? which version of that library I need ?! Can I trust to the most recent version of it (is it available in Aminet)?! :- O How about the atapi.device, then ? Is it ok to use the version that came with the IDEfix 97 package ? Or is there a more recent version of it ? How about the SetPatch version ..?
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I had similar issues with my Blizzard 1260. The issues were largely resolved by changing the 060 libraries I was using to the MUlib ones. The only CD32 game that works I currently get graphical glitches with is Superstardust.
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