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DH0, DH1 etc. are not volume names (hopefully).

There are several software layers involved: first is the hardware driver, uaehf.device in this case, which sees the hard drive entirely. Then you define partitions with names like DH0 which are mounted in AmigaDOS. These are called device names or drive names. Finally you format a partition and give it a volume name. This is usually something nice like Workbench or System or Work or Stuff. Volume names appear on the desktop, but the volumes can be accessed by using the partition name, too. The concept is built with removable devices in mind, for example the floppy drive is called DF0 and the name cannot be changed, but each floppy disk has its own volume name.

You should not give a volume the same name as a partition (i.e. both DH0 or both Stuff) because AmigaDOS easily gets confused by duplicate names.
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