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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
Sorry. In a rush.

With the first beta you posted I have not had a crash yet. I have not tried with the second beta you posted.

EDIT: Just had a crash. It seems when just using programs it is fine. When I do some compiling with GCC is when it crashes.

EDIT2: After some use, it also does it after F12 and Restart; crashes immediately.
Unfortunately I can't duplicate it and I can't see reason for the incorrect data that causes the crash. (and because it is OS4 config, it makes it even more difficult to debug)

Please attach new crash dump from b13.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
[I don't know whether the specific HDF matters.]

Start emulation. Even with -log -scsiemulog there's no SCSI-related log output, which seems strange. The emulated system seems to hang at a black screen.
It is not HDF. Your config has GVP Series I and Series II enabled at the same time and they shared same data structures (I was going to update it in b12 update but forgot) which does not really work very well..

Fixed now.

Press F12 and open the Hardfile Settings window for the HDF. Change controller type from GVP Series II to UAE, click OK then Reset. WinUAE crashes.
"Don't do it" is the only possible reply now. (Enabling UAE boot rom on the fly causes issues)
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