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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post
Now I got the Squirrel CD32/CDTV/CD Boot disk installation working.
But there are graphics bugs at least in two games, Chaos Engine and Speedball 2. And once I got Speedball 2 working, there was no audio tracks. (messed around with different CD filesystems, CacheCDFS and the one that came with the Squirrel install disk )
FOL, did you get audio tracks working too ?
Did I understand right that you first made a CD boot floppy disk with the Squirrel installer, then made that boot floppy to use CacheCDFS instead ?
I think it would be great idea to list all the files required to make a CD32 Boot floppy make work perfectly.
Where i can get the latest version of the file atapi.device ?
Strange, for my os 3.9 installation seems to have no such a file, but the CD32 Emulator floppy disk I made earlier (CacheCDFS) does..
Should I change the default exec device scsi.device for atapi.device ? OS , too ? ... :-o

No, I HDD installed the squirrel CD32 Emulator, then altered it to make it check for disk on boot, instead of holding mouse button down to start it.

Chaos engine works perfect for me.
Im using the IDEFix ATAPI device and OS3.9 BB2 CacheCDFS.
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