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Well, like many people here, I really liked the old SF2s, and I really loved SFA3. But I think my fav has to be the latest offereing: SF3, 3rd strike. I used to quickly dismiss the SF3 series, because they seemed to lack the very element that made the SF2 and SFA series so great: speed!!! I thought they were so slooow!!! But with 3rd Strike, I began to realise that Capcom had actually returned to the roots of Street Fighter (SF2 games) with a more important element that I had overlooked: tactics!!! Yes, in SF3, just like SF2, tactics are more important than speed, and when I realised this, I began to appreciate the SF3 series more. (I think you need quick reflexes rather than tactics to succeed in SFA3) With SF3, 3rd Strike, they really have returned to what made the SF2 games great, but now with new characters and gorgeous graphics. (The game is a masterpiece!!!) And I have a new favourite character: the monstrous Hugo! Along with Poison.
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