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I disagree with you man... How about web hosting? Do you think that it comes free for them? Maybe they need the money to preserve the site and to preserve the society. If you had this chance in this site (ie download Amiga software through HOL) but you knew that this can only happen if you had the webspace (not free of course), would you pay for that disk? C'mon, be real...

After all, the amount of money they ask for is ridiculous and they say that it is temporary until the CD compilations are ready. If I was saying that in one month's time, I will have a DVD with every Amiga game for 10 quid, I bet that 90% of the people in these forums would actually kill each other to ensure that they will get one regardless of what they believe about piracy. But I won't mainly because the community need efforts from people like C.A.P.S. and nothing else...
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