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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Will it physically have 4 mb (or more) that is unlockable via your new upgrade process?
The new ACA500 will not use this unlocking method.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
If not it would be nice if you could test against Kipper's 4 mb expansion as it's very cheap and would be great for those of us not able to afford an aca12xx to go with it.
That's just one out of myriads of expansions that I'd have to test against. The answer is "no" - I won't guarantee function with any other device than trapdoor memory expansions. The ACA500 is a really cheap expansion that is only possible, because the host computer is something that doesn't vary too much. All the different revisions already pose a pile of problems, and I don't want to increase the amount of testing, and hence the amount of support that I'll have to provide with my product.

Originally Posted by adrianh78 View Post
@Jens - just wanted to say, thanks for continuing to make cool new stuff for classic Amiga - it cannot be easy given age of hardware, and relatively small user base
I learn a lot from making new designs for old computers, and this has already brought in some very interesting contract work. It doesn't have to be easy - it's fun, and I make sure that it stays fun by ironing out things that will break the fun.

The A500 does not follow any standard. There is no reference document that says "build your expansion this way, and two of them will work". It's easy to completely stop my company's operations if I'd promise compatibility under such circumstances - I'd have hundreds of customers pestering my inbox, and I could decide how I let my company die: Either by answering all those support cases and not developing new stuff, not shipping any parcels, or by not answering those support cases and get lots of negative feedback.

I choose none of the above. If you want to deviate from the recommended configuration, you're on your own.

Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
I saw the brand new cases for C64 kickstarter. Very nice but what about the keyboard? If you put an old yellowed keyboard in there it would look nasty!
I don't make those cases, and I also don't make keyboards. I did try to contact the original manufacturer of the keyboards (Mitsumi) a few years ago, but they have quit the OEM computer business long ago. What they do today is automotive OEM stuff, and all old tooling has been scrapped, so this is gone forever.

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