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Now I got the Squirrel CD32/CDTV/CD Boot disk installation working.
But there are graphics bugs at least in two games, Chaos Engine and Speedball 2. And once I got Speedball 2 working, there was no audio tracks. (messed around with different CD filesystems, CacheCDFS and the one that came with the Squirrel install disk )
FOL, did you get audio tracks working too ?
Did I understand right that you first made a CD boot floppy disk with the Squirrel installer, then made that boot floppy to use CacheCDFS instead ?
I think it would be great idea to list all the files required to make a CD32 Boot floppy make work perfectly.
Where i can get the latest version of the file atapi.device ?
Strange, for my os 3.9 installation seems to have no such a file, but the CD32 Emulator floppy disk I made earlier (CacheCDFS) does..
Should I change the default exec device scsi.device for atapi.device ? OS , too ? ... :-o
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