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What am I doing wrong?

Hi folks, I'm trying to get a copy (any copy) of ASM-One up and running but failing miserably.

I downloaded version 1.20 in a zip, mounted it and when I go to boot in workbench It kept asking me to insert the volume SOURCES and I had no idea what that is as there was nothing with that name that came with the download. I found out that if I just clicked cancel the program booted anyway but now it's saying that that reqtools library was not found after I tried to allocate the memory. I downloaded reqtools but I have no idea where to put it in order for it to be found.

I'm sorry if I sound grumpy but I have a nice ASM-One tutorial printed out and all I'm wanting to do is spend a quiet Saturday bashing in some code but I've been at this since 8am and it's now 2:45pm. I'm no closer to getting anything working and I'm extremely frustrated and feel like I've wasted half of my only day off for 3 weeks.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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